garment care

A big part of making a garment last as long as possible, is how you look after it. Here is some information about our fabric, to help you care for your garments.

All fabrics used for Nellie Quats garments are natural and of the highest quality. In some cases, fabric ( particularly linen ) will have inconsistencies in the weave. These are not faults but rather natural imperfections and part of the nature of the fabric.

Natural materials like the linen and cotton we use, tend to absorb a lot, so we recommend treating any stains as quickly as possible to prevent permanent damage.

All fabrics have been specially selected for ease of washing and can all be washed at up to 30, sometimes 40 degrees in the washing machine (see your care label for details). However, the more a garment is washed, and the higher the temperature, the more ware over time. So to lengthen the life of your garment and as a bonus, help keep our planet healthy, we recommend only washing when completely necessary and at lower temperatures if possible!

We recommend drying your garments naturally, and skipping the tumble dryer. A quick iron after washing isn’t always convenient or necessary, but it can leave garments looking as good as new.

A small note to say, linen garments will seem less soft once dried after washing, however, if you iron and gently steam the garment it will soften again. Or if you're not a fan of ironing, after leaving the garment for a few hours it should absorb natural moisture from the air and soften up in it's own time.