Motherhood Series

Issue 6. USA - Meet Kathrine

Tell us a bit more about you and your family.

My name is Kathrine and I’m a Danish mother of 3 daughters, Eleanor who’s 9, Alma who’s 6 and Evelyn who’s 1 1/2. 4 years ago, my husband, who’s originally from London, and I, decided it was time for a change in our life, and we left Denmark, friends, family and most of our belongings behind, and moved to one of our favorite cities, New York.

Do you work alongside motherhood?

Before moving to New York I worked in the Fashion Industry for more than 10 years, but moving was for my a good steppingstone to leave women’s fashion behind. I now write about motherhood and children’s clothing, I do consultant work and in the very sparse time I have left, I’m working on starting up a small collection of handmade Waldorf inspired soft toys under the brand Little Kin Studio.

What does being a mother mean to you?

Motherhood has in all ways been a big challenge to me, as I’m not a very patient person by nature. It has taught me to appreciate the small things in life and that it’s not worth spending your time on things that don’t make you happy. Motherhood has taught me to focus on the bigger picture, survive on only a few hours of sleep, drink really strong coffee and remember that everything has it’s season.
But most of all, motherhood to me means always having hands to hold, cheeks to kiss and love to feel.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part?

The hugs, the kisses, the little love letters they write me while they’re in school, the feeling that someone needs you and loves you unconditionally no matter how many mistakes you’ve made that day versus the mess, the never ending hungry stomachs, the tons of clothes that always need washing and the very few hours to yourself.

"The true love I feel for my children is my reward
in life"

Paint us a picture of daily life as a mother in New York

I like everyday life. We get up in the morning, eat breakfast, make lunchboxes, get dressed. Have a cup of coffee and a cup of tea. After moving to New York our mornings have changed a lot since I’m now working from home most days and don’t have to rush out of the door to get to an office on time. I drop my two eldest girls off at school and take my youngest to her pre-school class. My youngest still naps at home and luckily for me, she’s really good at taking long naps and that time is intense work hours for me.
I pick up Eleanor and Alma in the early afternoon and 3 times a week we will go to ballet class. The other days we will hang out in the park, do art projects at home or arrange play dates.
At 8 o’clock all three girls are in bed and I spend the evenings working or hanging out with my husband.

Is there anything passed down from your mother that you have been taken on as a parent?

I grew up in a very traditional Danish family and both my mom and dad worked a lot. I’m definitely very aware about doing some things very different than they did, but we also had a lot of traditions, and that concept I’m trying to take with. I now try to create my own traditions with my family and the way that it makes sense to us.

What do you look for when choosing clothes for your children?

Timeless style, a lot of comfort for play, quality and a sustainable production are definitely the most important things to me. I also go for a toned down colour palette and always avoid too many prints.

What do you like about Nellie Quats?

The timeless shape, muted colours and beautiful Liberty. All things that I absolutely love.

What´s your favourite piece from the collection?

Probably the Hopscotch dress. My eldest girl is so tall that it’s starting to be difficult to find great clothing for her. This dress fits her perfectly and we both love it.

A big thank you to Kathrine for sharing a little of her life and also for the sweet photographs.
Find more of Kathrine's work on her Instagram account @littlekinjounal. You can also see more of her beautiful work over on her blog -
Eleanor is wearing age 9-10 in our checked linen Hopscotch Dress with our Knee High Socks in burgundy.
Alma is wearing age 5-6Y in our Mother May I Blouse in white linen, layered under our Thorpe Liberty print Tip Toe Pinafore and Burgundy Knee High Socks.
Evelyn is wearing our age 18-24M in our Mother May I Blouse in white linen, layered under our checked linen Romper with our Rust Ribbed Tights.
Bow featured is our Thorpe Liberty Print Hair Tie.