sample sale guide

Here are the answers to the most common questions about the sample sale. Please feel free to get in touch if something isn't covered below.

What time is the sale taking place?
Friday 1st March - 8pm GMT.

On our website here.

How long will it be available for?
We will leave the sale up for the duration of the long weekend and take it down on Monday evening.

What will be available?
Photoshoot samples, initial samples and production pieces with slight faults. There may be a few original pieces that were sampled and didn't go into production.

What sizes are available?
Sizes 6 months - 10 years.
We will have added a feature where you can shop by size (on the left), so you are able to filter and view pieces more easily.

How will we know what the fault is or where the sample is from?
Each piece has a clear description explaining it's faults and where it has been used. Most will have photos of the fault (if there is one). Please read this description carefully before purchasing as samples are non refundable.

Will the sale be available to all with worldwide shipping?
The sample sale will be available to everyone worldwide (we've chosen a time to try and suit as many countries as possible)

Is shipping included in the sample sale price?
No, shipping is added on at the checkout.

Are your shopping carts held for you?
Shopping carts aren't held for you. Sadly the website doesn't allow you to hold your cart whilst you continue to shop or whilst you checkout, so your item may go missing before you checkout if someone gets there first. We understand this can be really disappointing but please be assured we will continue to do sample sales regularly each season so it's definitely worth trying again next time.

Will you combine orders?
We are unlikely to be able to combine orders but always worth asking and we will do our best. Please email us with the subject 'combine orders' and specify the order numbers of those you wish to combine. We will then do our best to combine orders before we ship and refund any additional postage you may have spent when placing multiple orders.


For a quicker checkout, set up Shop Pay, Paypal or Apple pay ahead of the sample sale.

Add other items earlier on
If you plan on ordering anything else with your sample sale pieces, make sure to add them to the cart before the sale goes live so you don't waste any time checking out.

Read all the descriptions
Make sure to read all the descriptions carefully and check photos (where possible) as all sample sale pieces are final sale and non refundable. This includes order cancellations.

Please note, there may be a short period on the day where the website is password protected in order for us to set up the sample sale.

Enjoy! And please get in touch with any questions about the sale.