our story


Nellie Quats is a London based children's clothing company, specialising in beautifully handmade clothes for little girls aged 18M - 10Y.


Using predominantly Liberty Print fabric and linen, it combines simple, classic design with plenty of playfulness and fun. We design with adventurous, active children in mind so our clothing is comfortable and easy to wear. 


We strive to create products that are durable and beautiful. We strongly believe in slowing down the fast pace throw-away fashion industry. Our idea is simple; to create classic, long lasting, good quality products that can be kept until your child grows out of them, and even passed down the family. 


Nellie Quats was founded by me, Elinor Bussell in the summer of 2016 & first launched September that year.  

Design and home sewing have always been my two loves in life. Nellie Quats was born when I decided to develop my hobby into something more. I wanted to create a brand that designed joyful, comfortable clothing for children, with classic designs that last longer than the usual quick, cheap purchase. I think it's important to know where and how your clothes are made (and to teach your children to do the same). All our clothes are made by happy seamstresses, at home in the UK.

The name 'Nellie Quats' actually came from my father. Having named me Elinor by birth, he preferred to call me by every other name under the sun, making up more elaborate and bizarre nicknames each time. Nellie Quats was a favourite, hence the company name. It is jolly and fun and reminds me of a happy childhood, everything I want to reflect through my brand.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I loved creating them!

Elinor x