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I was fortunate enough to meet lovely Jess on Instagram when I first began Nellie Quats over a year ago, and she has accompanied NQ on our journey ever since. Her Instagram @seasonaltales  tells the story of her 3 year old twins Thea and Ollie on their daily adventures, all depicted through her beautiful photography. In our most recent collaboration, Jess has guest written a series of blog posts for Nellie Quats which I think you'll love as much as I do. Enjoy x

Apples mark a lovely merging of the seasons, a certain sign that crisper Autumn days are imminent, but still to be enjoyed in such warm summer sunshine.

Every year we looks forward to the apple harvest - ready to fill pies, crumbles and jumble up with blackberries. I can't quite believe they're ready, it seems like yesterday we walked through these beautiful trees, bursting with all their pretty pink blossom and now they are laden with these ripe treasures. 

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The children choose very selectively - only the biggest, shiniest and reddest are basket approved. And much debate ensues over who has the best! They've taken to lifting each other in a strategic attempt to reach the juicer ones higher up. How resourceful children can be! And when the basket is full, just fill your dress, of course! 

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There is something special about eating an apple straight from a tree and much testing goes on, usually way before they are ready! Wild pickings always seem to taste better, even if a little on the tart side.


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As thoughts turn to Autumn, I can't help but look for colours to compliment. I am drawn to reds, oranges and mustards, so my first choice from the new season collection were these two beautiful items. 

The striking Liberty Rachel print on the Ring O Roses dress is full of glorious autumn reds which contrasts so well with blue. It is cut beautifully wide, Thea says it makes her float, but is drawn in classically at the waist. 

I adore Liberty mustard Capel - the delicate white flowers set against the classic colour of Autumn. It works so well as a braced skirt which can be fitted perfectly with the tie back straps. Both will be perfect for our little adventures over the next few months, which we hope to share with you here. 


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Thank you for reading, we hope you'll join us for another Autumnal story soon,

Jess x

Instagram - @seasonaltales

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Thea is 3 years 8 months and 104cm. She is wearing the Ring O Roses dress in Rachel Liberty Print Size 3-4Y. Noughts and Crosses braces skirt in Capel Liberty Print Size 5-6Y.

The long socks are from a selection by My Little Red and hair accessories from Ditsy Dot


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