A new Nellie Quats

As you've all seen, we recently changed our branding. We really felt an update was in order with the release of the new collection, so we've revamped everything!

We wanted our branding to answer a question, how can we make shopping at Nellie Quats not just fun for the mumma buying it, but also for the child receiving it?

So we designed our posting boxes (like our clothing) with children in mind. They arrive plain and simple with colouring pencils and a little instructions card, ready for your child to unleash their creativity and use in any way they like. It may be hunting for words in the word search or creating a picture on the box.

Our boxes were sourced from a company in Sussex and screen printed by a little eco friendly company in Somerset. All the dyes used to print the boxes are free from toxic chemicals, reducing damage to the environment. By consciously sourcing our packaging in the UK we also aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are some photos of the boxes and postcards being enjoyed! The children created such lovely drawings (my favourite was the flamingo!) and the word search continued to keep them entertained over the whole rainy weekend. They've now even turned the boxes into their own little treasure chests. How sweet?!


Elinor BussellComment