The fabric of India exhibition- V&A

A few weekends ago on a lovely sunny Sunday, we took a day to ourselves to visit The fabric of India exhibition at the V&A. Having been meaning to see it for ages, we found ourselves squeezing in (as usual) on the final day of the exhibition. After a lot of queuing, we packed ourselves into the gallery with the other disorganised exhibition goers. But boy was it worth it!

Having been to India myself a few years ago, I had an idea of what was in store. As expected, the colours, patterns and designs of the textiles were intricate, vibrant and beautiful. However, what I loved most were videos scattered around the room, showcasing different techniques and skills used to produce textiles in different areas of India. In particular, the video on creating an elaborate gold embroidery caught my eye. What amazed me was the incredible skills used to produced such intensely intricate detail. Something you could only assume was produced by a machine was made with great speed and accuracy, stitch by stitch by a highly skilled man. Incredible and mesmerising to watch.

We weren't allowed photos in the exhibition (so excuse the terrible quality) but I managed to take a sneaky photo of one of my favourite prints.

Inspired by what I saw, I would love to produce a summer range for Nellie Quats sourcing Indian fabrics for the collection. (Or maybe I'm just finding any excuse for a holiday/'work trip' to India). The weight and beautifully soft texture of Indian cotton would be perfect for creating floaty comfortable summer dresses. So stay tuned for Summer 2017..

Elinor BussellComment