Better late than never..Hello 2016!

I have been meaning to start the Nellie Quats blog for a while now, but as usual life just seems to get in the way! So I thought I would start now.. New year, new blogging habits!

2015 was the start of a great journey for Nellie Quats. So far, starting the business has been a thoroughly enjoyable (and of course challenging!) experience. We launched our shop online with our first small range of products. We endured wet and windy weather at our first few market stalls in the lead up to Christmas (made worth it by the lovely new people we met!) So thank you to every customer/family member and friend who has supported Nellie Quats so far , making the whole experience a positive one!

I am so excited to develop the brand further and see what is in store for us in the upcoming year. The idea of this blog is just to keep you all updated a couple of times a month on what's happening with us. As well as new products and collections we also want to give you a personal 'behind the scenes' look into our first year as a start up, posting inspiration in whatever form it takes, what we love and all our ups and downs.

So enjoy!

Elinor x

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